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Owl Diaries book 4
by Rebecca Elliott

Eva really wants Hailey to be her new best friend. Eva thinks Lucy and Hailey are new best friends. Hailey becomes Eva’s new best friend, and Lucy doesn’t but she does after a while.

Owl Diaries Book 4
by Rebecca Elliott

Eva really wants Hailey to be her new best ff

Owl Diaries book 3
by Rebecca Elliott

“Woodland Wedding” is a story about a wedding! Miss Featherbottom is getting married to Mr. Plumage. She loses her old necklace from her grandmother, and then Eva finds it for her on Rex’s cage! Rex likes shiny things, and he’s a lizard. And then Miss Featherbottom gets married.

Amelia Bedelia
by Peggy Parish

I like how funny Amelia Bedelia is. My favorite part of this book is that she made them a lemon meringue pie and it made Mrs Rogers happy.

The Cat In The Hat
by Dr. Seuss

I liked that the fish gave information to the children that way they wouldn’t get in trouble with their mother. What I hated is that the cat in the hat wasn’t listening to the fish.

Chicken Lucien
by Francesca Assirelli

Chicken Licken is trying to tell the king that the sky is falling. Several friends follow along, and Foxy Loxy lures them deep into his burrowe.

I Can Share
by KarenKatz

This book is about sharing! If they can’t play with one thing, they can still play somehow!

Animal Rescue Agency
by Eliot Schrefer

Esquire tries to rescue Little Claws to get Big Claws (his mother). They had to face the man in the white fur hat! They had to hurry - Mr. Pepper helped them with a walrus. In the end, Little Claws gets to see his mother. The end.

The Paper Bag Princess
by Robert Munsch

I like that she tricks the dragon. It is funny.

Make Way For Ducklings
by Robert Mccloskey

I like that their names all rhyme and that they are in the ABCs.
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